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Hey there! My name is Jeff, and I'm a full stack engineering leader currently living in Brooklyn but working remotely from anywhere that I can find a connection. I'm a lifelong geek and lover of all things technology-related, and I would love to work on your next project.

I've worn many hats throughout my career so I have a diverse skillset ranging from front-end design and development using HTML/CSS/JS, back-end development using C#/PHP/Java/Ruby, all the way down to DevOps, CI/CD solutions, server administration, virtualization, and cloud solutions.

Want a more formalized list of my qualifications? Here you go.

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I started dabbling in programming at a young age without any real goal other than to have fun with it and make things. Over time I decided to turn it into a career and have been lucky enough to work with some really great folks in a number of different settings including higher education, healthcare, consumer goods, and entertainment.

I've always worked to keep my skills well rounded and love getting a chance to play with any new or interesting technologies. I specialize in back-end development (C# / PHP / Ruby on Rails), front-end development (HTML / CSS / Javascript), content management systems (Sitecore / Sitefinity / Drupal / WordPress), Windows and Linux server administration, virtualization, containerization, scripting, and cloud solutions in AWS and Azure.

While always willing to roll up my sleeves and work hands-on with code, I also have extensive experience managing diverse engineering teams across multiple disciplines and can serve as the bridge between technical and non-technical teams. I get excited about building quality software and I bring that excitement to any team I work with.


So what do you think? Want to team up and make something cool?

Just send me an email at!